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Get a Bundle of Your Shakey’s Favorites at 50% Off

Shakey’s is offering a bundle of their winning dishes—that includes one large Thin Crust Pizza (choose from any Classic or All Time Favorite variant), Pasta Platter (choose between the Skilletti or Carbonara), four pieces Chicken ‘n Mojos, one 1.5-liter bottle of Coke, and one Supercard+—for just P999 instead of its original P2,051 price tag. This offer’s only good until August 13, so be sure to take advantage of it while you have the chance!

You can order the bundle for pickup or delivery by visiting Shakey’s website or calling (02) 7777-7777. You can also order by sending Shakey’s a message on Facebook. Just some of the pizza flavors you can get include the Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Shakey’s Special, and Manager’s Choice. You can opt to get a Premium variant, such as the Friday Special or Belly Buster, for an additional P100. You can also upgrade your crust to the Hand-Tossed variant for an additional P50, or the Hand-Tossed Premium variant for an additional P150.