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New Pancake House Taco Chips with Baked Dip

There’s nothing more feel-good than a crunchy, cheesy treat!

Enjoy our all new Taco Chips with Baked Dip! Our very own crispy and crunchy taco chips served with specially baked dip and taco salsa for only ₱399!

Order through:
✓ 888 79000
✓ https://delivery.pancakehouse.com.ph
✓ GrabFood
✓ Foodpanda
✓ LalaFood

For the list of opened stores, visit https://bit.ly/PancakeHouseSchedule.

Join our Viber community group for a daily dose of feel-good updates! .. to join: https://bit.ly/PancakeHouseCommunity

Pancake House is part of Max’s Group, Inc.

Order from:
πŸ— https://delivery.maxschicken.com/
πŸ– https://delivery.dencios.com.ph
πŸ• https://delivery.yellowcabpizza.com/
🍩 https://now.krispykreme.com.ph
🍀 https://delivery.teriyakiboy.com.ph
πŸ₯© https://delivery.sizzlinsteak.com

You may also visit: https://maxsgroupdelivers.com